This is a project made in the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, during my 3 year B.A. product design degree.
Eykt is a time measurement. In the old days, the day in Iceland was split up to eight eyktir and did each and every one of them count around three hours. 8 eyktir = 24 hours.

Eyktamark is when one eykt ends and the next one begins. The names of the eyktir are: lágnætti, ótta, rismál, dagmál, hádegi, nón, miðaftann and náttmál.

Eyktamark represents the three hours that are inside every eykt. Because of that, people spoke of early dagmál (which would best be described as early in the three hours dagmál counts, closer to nine than twelve) and late in hádegi (which would then be closer to three than twelve).

Eyktir is a clock that is supposed to work as a return to simpler times and represents a more open time frame than we are used to. Eyktir is for those that crave to escape the stress of modern society.