Jónófón is my graduation project from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, product design department in the spring of 2012.

This is an ongoing project which will hopefully see the light of day and be available to buy soon. You can follow the project and see how it's going here:

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Jónófón is an acoustic vinyl-record-player that uses a papercup and a horn made out of paper to amplify the music from the vinyl record.

Jónófón strips down a technology that is hidden to most people and copys the design of the classic heavy gramophone. The gramophone that was invented more than 120 years ago by the german Emile Berliner, was a kind of a furniture that played heavy records through a big metal horn. Jónófón however uses a much simpler and lighter form where the record is in the foreground.

The gramophone is sort of a symbol for the beginning of recorded music, but before its time there was no other option but live music.
You could say that jónófón is some sort of a return to simplicity while the technology today has gotten so complicated that it’s not made for the average Joe to understand. Jónófón comes in a flat-pack and is the user suppost to obtain an understanding of how the player functions by putting it together for himself from scratch.The product includes instructions how to assamble the player piece for piece.

The player itself is put together out of thin plywood and contains a simple electrical system that is possible to power with a 9Volt battery or to connect to a 9Volt power supply. The horn consists of a thick paper, needle, a plastic film, steelwire and the bottom of a papercup that is used to amplify the soundwaves that the needle carries up from the record. The material used in the horn colors the music with a certain feeling and that is why the music played through the jónófón is characterized with the color of paper.
Images by Héðinn Eiríksson.