This is a project made in the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, during my 3 year B.A. product design degree.
Sur Ciel (translated: in the sky) is a cloud-chair that is designed under the influence of the small French village Cordes Sur Ciel, which often appears to be floating beyond the clouds because of the intense fog that tends to cover the valley below.

When looking at clouds you often get the feeling of softness, transparency and even isolation, and the desire to embrace them is rarely far away. 
The idea is that when you sit in the chair you have the opportunity to escape the outside world and cover yourself with clouds. Isolate you from everything else and to surround yourself with comfort.
The cloud-part of the chair is kind of transparent and you can enjoy a book or working on the computer while covered in them. 
The clouds can be unattached from the chair, which is fastened by a velcro, for washing and cleaning. Aside from that, they make a very trendy and cool outfit.